Haleigh Bowers

Swiss Army knife. Captivating. Energizing. Inspiring. Confident.

These are all words used to describe Haleigh Bowers. And rightfully so. In her multi-faceted career, she has lived up to the weighted connotations that these words hold.


As an artist, Haleigh has an authentic and unique voice, speaking truth and wisdom well beyond her years to the masses through artfully crafted songs. Her debut release, “Mona Lisa” embodies just that, and has served as a prominent first step in a building career.


As a songwriter, Haleigh’s personal material speaks to her own personality and musical style, however this does not limit her in terms of working with others. She successfully wears the hat of collaborator, writing for and with many artists whose genres range from country to alternative rock to mainstream pop. Her versatility as a writer and skillfulness in crafting songs both as a collaborator and personal artist has allowed her to fill a niche in the market that has been missing a strong female voice.


As a session vocalist, Haleigh is easy to work with and takes on the spirit of every new project she is faced with. She is a chameleon of vocal styles and can emulate different styles and artists in an efficient manner. This is a reflection of her work ethic- fast paced, but not lacking in excellent quality.


Haleigh Bowers has just begun her journey in creating a longstanding and influential career in the music industry, with first steps as an artist, songwriter, and session vocalist that provide her a very strong and promising platform.